When Inventory Is a Blessing

MEMPHIS MOVING CREW: Cleo Henderson, Peggy Oliver and Neil Earle.

Over 59 years GCI Memphis had accumulated a lot of inventory.

With a major change of location forced on us this summer, our allies at Good Shepherd United Methodist kindly agreed to store our inventory. Then – suddenly! – they needed to open space quickly for another project. GCI had about a week to “clear inventory” and the weather was not exactly cooperating. Nevertheless over two days on February 6-7 with just two vans we were able to make well-received disbursements to people in our community network in some of the least advantaged parts of the city.

Some of this can be listed:

The schools in particular were glad to get these quality furnishings. Principal Meeks could not contain her joy, saying: “I’ll put this lectern in the auditorium right away.” Raleigh-Egypt were old friends as recipients of many school supplies over the years from a program run by our Women’s Ministry. In the end it all came together and many friendships were made and cemented across the city. “The real joy was seeing 1 Corinthians 15:58 fulfilled,” commented elder Neil Earle. “People who labored to build these items can rest assured that they are still used and appreciated.”

And that’s how inventory can become a blessing.