$110,000 for LeBonnheur!

Saturday, October 19,1700 of us men, women, children braved cool temps to walk/run 5Ks in aid of one of Memphis' premier hospitals in a city known for hospitals. Le Bonnheur hosts about 250 children each night waiting for heart transplants or undergoing everything from broken legs to brain tumors.

LeBonnheur provides the little things like falvored anasthesia before surgery. In the teen room older kids play games together.

This summer I walked 26 miles in the effort to support charity efforts such as Chick-fil-A sponsors. Lots of fun.

Here are 5 lessons learned along the way.

  1. Such fun to be in the outdoors on a Saturday morning.
  2. Fun to make new friends and interact with the jovial Memphis people.
  3. Great to feel like you're making a difference. Ronald McDonald House was another venue we walkers supported back in May.
  4. Really hit home why St. Paul described the Christian life as a race – it's not easy.
  5. Hit a new record on October 19 – 47:52 about 15 minute miles.

Sorry I'll miss the epic St. Jude run through scheduling.

Otherwise, there's always next year!