In Memoriam: John McGuigan

John McGuigan

John and Irene McGuigan I warmly remember because in the years we were having 75-100 baptisms a year their house was the venue for the baptism of so many new members. Sometimes 15-20 people with family and supporters would show up time after time and the McGuigans were great hosts – always equal to the task. No doubt some in the audience remembered the event as it happened to them. Irene had previously been a big part of the Toronto church's musical program as an adept soloist while John conveyed a quiet authority and a genial disposition from many years working as an educational supervisor.

In spite of his humble demeanor he was a natural to be ordained an elder, and when we did people said that was no surprise.

Later when John felt the need to broaden his theological background he was spotted by one of his former work mate/employees sitting in an introductory Bible class. The man said, Why, that's John McGuigan in there – but that was John – possessor of a first class mind but always humbly going about the task at hand.

As the commanding general said in a 1950s movie about the Korean War – "Where do we get such people?" The McGuigans were Torontonians down to their fingertips – classy people in a classy church in a world-class city. Thank God for their lives and their sterling service. God's blessing on all of you in a City ever close to my heart and always fondly remembered.

– Neil and Susan Earle