Letter to Supporters of the
Bengali Evangelical Association Ministry

March 23, 2021

Dear Fellow Worker,

Dr. & Mrs. John N Biswas

Greetings. I trust this letter finds you well and in good health.

This is a very personal letter.

It is with great grief and sadness that I must share with you that my dear husband, Dr. John N Biswas, passed away just last week – March the eleventh – after suffering sudden heart failure.

It goes without saying that this is not only a monumental loss for me and my family, but also a huge loss for the BEA Family worldwide. John’s passion and dedication in helping the people of Bangladesh, was an inspiration to all of us.

That said, BEA and myself must press forward with the important work that God has given us to do on this earth, with His wisdom and counsel.

Because of that I was asked and elected by our Board of Directors to take over my husband’s responsibility as President of the Bengali Mission work – reaching out to the poorest of the poor, to Bangladesh; a hard field for the Gospel.

This work is not new to me, as I have been intimately involved in the work of BEA since its inception. John and I worked hand in hand for many years in the villages of Bangladesh, and here with our gospel work locally in the USA.

God is not limited by the absence of a leader. This mission work belongs to Him. Hence, we continue with His leading to glorify Him and His good name.

I am obviously still grieving from the shock of losing John, but rest assured, I am already working with our Board of Directors to keep our work moving ahead in Christ’s name.

Thanking you always for your prayers and support. We will need them more than ever now.

Sending Love,

Mrs. Naomi N Biswas
BEA President

For more information contact www.bengalimission.org.