Gideons International thanks Memphis church for its support

This fine imitation leather burgundy Bible in the ESV translation was presented to Community of Faith, a congregation of Grace Communion International, by the Bartlett Camp of the Gideons International for the local church’s support these last few years.

For more than 100 years Gideons International – a lay association of evangelical business professionals – have been distributing Bibles worldwide. They have now exceeded the grand total of 1.8 billion Bibles distributed absolutely FREE around the world. This attractive version is published by Crossway of Wheaton, Illinois, a division of Good News Publishers.

Community of Faith is particularly delighted to be involved in this project with the knowledge that the new hotel (pictured, below) next to Elvis Presley’s “Graceland” received hundreds of copies at its opening, one in each hotel room according to the Gideons tradition. The surprising turn is that “Graceland” is allegedly the second-most-visited home in America, right behind the White House. As co-pastor Neil Earle of GCI-COF explains, “This has to be a strategic highlight for Gideons and their supporters – a key advance on the Gideons mission in which we share, that of promoting the Gospel of Christ to all people.”

Now on to the next 1 billion.