Dick Van Dyke Honored

Dick Van Dyke honored at Kennedy Center Awards on June 6 – and about time!

A review of Dick Van Dyke's recent bio ("My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business") in the intellectually attuned Christian publication "Books and Culture" reveals comedian Dick Van Dyke as an actively involved member of Brentwood Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles and as a Sunday school teacher in a Dutch Reformed Church while appearing on Broadway.

The reviewer was surprised that such heavy hitters as theologians Paul Tillich and Dietrich Bonhoeffer appear in Dick's account.

Alcohol and smoking were both conquered in turn and he was loyal to his wife till her death at age 76. "All you need is love" was and is his main Christian credo and surely Van Dyke's love for his craft shines through in almost everything he attempted for lo these many years.