‘Once More Into the Breach…’

The Orion 5K run was held in Memphis on June 8th.

Neil is going to try another 3 mile walk – has won age 70-75 awards the past two times but will be joined by 2000 people in aid of St. Patrick's Cathedral's Outreach Projects. We'll be hiking Beale Street and other Memphis landmarks.

The church is over 150 years old and exemplifies how these charitable walks do so much good. After all the church was a stalwart of Memphis faith and works though 3 yellow fever epidemics, a great depression and two world wars. It was a meeting place during the civil rights struggles of the 1960s.

Refurbished in 2002 it now hosts an elmentary school as well as a working parish.

Walking with a group is fun but walking for a good cause is sheer delight.

Don't delay, sign up today for a walk in your community.