Memphis Runners Race for Hope

By Neil Earle

Memphis, TN – home of world-famous St. Jude – rightly prides itself on being near the top for the most generous charitable cities in the country.

This was the case this month when 58 runners braved the pouring rain to raise thousands of dollars for the Chris Hope Race for Hope event.

Really every city has events like this where good health meets needy causes, in this case providing funds for all the “incidentals” that occur when parents need to take their children to Memphis’s renowned hospitals for some very serious issues. “Feed my lambs” Jesus said, and in the midst of fervent and often bitter debates over health care and social services we can’t forget the children and the parents passing through one of the most traumatic events of their lives.

The annual Chris Hope Race for Hope does that and this website is proud to support them – even in the rain!

  Pastor Neil crosses finish line with umbrella, beginning at 32:40.