Queens Church Continues Prayer Walks

Lower Covid numbers good news for New York

Roy Ramkissoon
Sketching out prayer walk routes

Our New Life in Christ church in Queens continues its Covid-era prayer walks with some very good news on the NYC scene!

Just a quick update on the Prayer Walk yesterday at 12 noon. I met Elder Jonathan Browne at our church's sanctuary for prayers before heading out. We covered another 2 blocks North of Jamaica Avenue. I'm including a map and route guide for reference.

After worship service last Sunday, Elder Browne treated Charles and me to an outdoor sit-down meal at the Classic Diner, a restaurant on the route we covered last week. It was great to sit down for the first time since the city's shut-down. The place was filled with folks waiting in line for seats.

New York City is becoming a safe place again and there were zero casualties for the past three days. New York State averaged 3 deaths for the past three days as well. It is a testimony to the robust system in place by the authorities to curb the spread of the virus – and I may add, the collective prayers of everyone.

Hopefully, we will soon have an opportunity to sit down with some of the goodly folks we have had conversations with in the past to renew old friendships and continue testifying to the goodness of our Awesome Triune God.

God bless and cheers to everyone.


Map of Queens shows prayer walk route.
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