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Joe Medicine Crow dies at 102 (2017)

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John C. Polkinghorne, Scientist and Priest, Dies at 90 (2021)

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Justice Like a River (2010)

Kairos Prison Ministry: 400 Teams and Counting (2020)

Keep Herod in Christmas (2015)

KJV Library Display (2011)

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Kurt Vonnegut as Billy Pilgrim’s Case Worker: ‘Slaughterhouse Five’ Reread for the Era of PTSD (2018)

Lady Byng Offers Hope For Hockey (2018)

Laughter Still Good Rx (2021)

Lavish Second Temple ‘City Hall’ Unveiled in Jerusalem (2021)

Lawrence O’Donnell and the Old Testament (2019)

Learning Forgiveness, Choosing to Grow (2021)

Lee Strobel: The Case For a Creator (2018)

Lemons and Lemonade: the New Atheism (2009)

Leslie L. McCullough – ‘A Manager’s Manager’ (2019)

Lessons From Little Rock, 1957 (2020)

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Let's Face It, Codfish Aren't Cuddly (2006)

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Letter from a Marine (2016)

Letter to Supporters of the Bengali Evangelical Association Ministry (2021)

Life in the Spirit - Sanctification (2009)

‘Lifted From the Miry Bog’ With Two Hebrew Words (2020)

Lincoln: the President as Pastor (2009)

'Listen, I'm Coming Quickly!' (2008)

Local authors publish Duarte's history (2009)

Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media (2018)

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Looking Back on the Road Less Traveled (2021)

Looking Back: The Summer of Love (2017)

Lord, Liar or Lunatic? (2009)

Lost Tomb Controversy (2007)

'Lots in a Name' (2009)

Lots in a Name (2010)

Louis Zamperini and a Certain Preacher (2015)

Love at First Site (2020)

Ludwig Wittgenstein and the Foundations of Agnostic Science (2019)

Major biblical discovery: Archaeologists may have found the Prophet Isaiah’s ‘signature’ (2018)

Mankind's Sure Identity (2004)

Marking History in Bangladesh (2021)

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Meeting the Public in Memphis, TN (2018)

Melting Hearts in Hollywood (2014)

Memo to Cyrus: God Sees, God Cares (2020)

Memorial Service for Alberta Ecker (2021)

Memphis at 200: Home of Gospel Music? (2019)

Memphis Lecture: 75th Anniversary of D-Day (2019)

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Memphis Stars & Stripes 5K Run (2019)

MEMPHIS – Where People Show Up! (2021)

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‘November the Guns Went Silent:’ Remembering World War One (1914-1918) (2018)

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'Occupy Leviticus?' An Idea Whose Time Has Gone (2011)

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Peter's Passover - The Breaking, The Making (2014)

Peter's Principle: Failing Forward (2012)

Peter's Principles: Old/New Resolutions for 2021 (2021)

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Policing in a Christian Key (2016)

Politics and Christians in ‘The Age of Rage’ (2020)

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