1917 – ‘America Enters the War:’ Seventy Years Later

A Fall Symposium

A Virgin Birth – Or Not?

Afraid of God?

'Ah, Assyria'

All Roads Lead Through Romans

‘…And The Nominee Is…’

Christ's Resurrection - Hoax or History?

Closing the Cycle of Violence: Beyond Emotions and Fears

Cyrus and the Soul of Iran

Dead Sea scrolls lecture in Duarte

Dealing With Doubt

December 7, 1941 – A Second Look

‘Deliver Us From Evil:’ A Christian Response

Don’t Let Stress, Anxiety and Worry Dominate Your Life!

Eden, Evil And The Surprising Message Of ‘Wonder Woman’

Ezekiel: Darkest Hours, Brightest Dawn

For Older Christians: The Age of Influence Begins

For Single Jeopardy...Where Is the Center of the Bible?

Forgiveness Is A Choice

Germany's Song of Thanksgiving

God’s Science Quiz – Updated!

Grace With Gusto: The Good News of Martin Luther

‘Happy Accidents’: How Physics Helped Theology

His Marriage Was the Message

Immanuel (DCTV)

Iran’s Ambitions and Popular Journalism: A Second Look

Is God Out to Get Us? (or How the Book of Job Undermined the Retribution Doctrine)

Jerusalem Delivered: Isaiah, Hezekiah and God’s Intervention

Joe Medicine Crow dies at 102

John Donne: A Writer’s Road to Repentance

John Philoponus: Pioneer Christian Physicist

John Stott in the Inland Empire

Jonah’s Sign – After the Resurrection, Then What?

Jubilee Days (Hockey Book Chapter)

Lessons From Little Rock, 1957

Looking Back: The Summer of Love

Love at First Site

Martin Luther and the Rediscovery of True Righteousness

Matthew 24: A Primer in Prophecy

Mental Illness: A Testimony

Mission Keyword: Encouragement

My Most Unforgettable Studio Head

Nothing Minor About the Minor Prophets: Grace Amid Judgment

Our Restless Universe: To What End?

Paul’s Great Eight: What to Think About and Why!

Pearl Harbor Revisited

Philip Yancey: Three Dimensions of Biblical Prophecy

Pondering The Biggest Mystery in the Universe?

Reconciliation / Atonement / Propitiation

Reflections – John 14:1-4

Resurrection: The Strangest Story Of All, by C. S. Lewis

Scanning the Heavens: Lessons from the Unfinished Cosmos

Science and Religion – More Together Than Not?

Servants of the Left-Handed Kingdom or…Why Doesn’t God Do Something?

Staying Sane in a World of Uncertainty

Technology and the Bible Meet...In Outer Space

The Adventure of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Gospel According to Iron Man

The Gospel According to Seniors

The Lanier Phillips Story

The New Universe: Where Science Meets Theology…Congenially

The Scrolls at 70 (DCTV)

The Scrolls at Seventy

The Trinity For the Rest of Us

Thomas Torrance and the New Physics: Theology Meets Science in a Fresh Convergence

Time to Reconcile

Times Journalist Salutes Rare, Unforgettable Moments

Thomas Torrance and the New Physics: Theology Meets Science in a Fresh Convergence

Toxic Talk: The Penalties We Pay

Tribute to Neil & Susan Earle

Truce on Earth, Good Will to All

Was God Dead or Were Christians Just Dozing?

Why Black History?

Venus Still Rotates Backward – So What Might It Mean?

Why Did Jesus Talk So Much About Himself? (2017)

Why They Called It…The Miracle of Dunkirk

Zygmunt Pozniak – My Most Unforgettable Immigrant