10 Trends Shaping 2012

1787 - The Constitutional Moment

A Message the World Forgot

A 'New Era' of Policing?

A Priest for All Seasons

A Redemptive Moment

African Harvest Continues Apace

An Answer to Evil?

'As Conquer We Shall'

Bible Exhibit Display in Town (courtesy of Pasadena Star-News)

Christians and Money

Christmas: What Was It All About?

Crisis and Conciliation – the Way to Peace

Duarte Historical Museum Looks Back to the Future (courtesy of Duarte Dispatch)

Elisha – Prophet in a Bad Economy

Escaping the Curse of Negativism

Forgiveness Is All Gift

From Death to New Life With Our Kinsman-Redeemer

Fuller Holds First Martin Luther King Summit

Glendora Prays

Heaven - Closer Than We Think

How Jesus Kept the Feast

Hurricane Sandy and the Question of Evil

In 2012, God Is On The Job!

In 2013 God Wants Us To Know...

In Bangladesh: Jesus Christ, the Hope of the World

Islam: What Went Wrong?

It's What's Inside...

'John 15 – Stay Connected'

Mental Illness: A Testimony

Mission to Mexico...Continued

Muddy Road to Freedom: The Lanier Phillips Story

My Village...And Yours

New Covenant Fellowship Marks 40 Years in Glendora

Our Dear Friend Graham Weakley

Peter's Principle: Failing Forward

'Raised Bodily' - What Jesus' Ascension Means to Us

Ray Bradbury - Life, Love and Literature

Recalling a Deadly Year

Secrets of the Sermon on the Mount

Softly, As They Leave Us...

'Terror on Every Side' – Psalm 31 Revisited

Thankful for Thorns?

The Breaking of the Bread = Life and Salvation

The God of Particles...and Much Much More

The Goldilocks Planet

The Goldilocks Planet

The Lord of Life and Death

The Prince Who Became a Pauper

The Scandal of the Cross

The Song That Stopped a War

The Universe and Dr. Einstein

The Well-dressed Christian

Toronto the Good

True Olympian/True Christian

Wanted - 'A Clean and Well-lit Place'

We're All Getting Older, Now What?

What Is America All About?

Why Trinitarian Theology?