Reassurance, Insight, Hope

‘Certifiably Insane’ – Andrew Young’s Droll Remembrance

Another February Black History Month drawing to a close and that has deep associations here in Memphis where Martin Luther King gave his last memorable message.

Looking Back on Reconciliation Initiative

Neil Earle vividly remembers James Meredith being escorted to U of Mississippi in September 1962, the same month he started at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Here are other reminiscences from a life covering social justice issues.

Neil Earle teaches history for Grace Communion Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He holds Master's degrees from the University of Toronto and Fuller Seminary.

He was awarded a Volunteer of the Year award in Duarte, California, for writing the history of the city.

While living in Duarte he hosted a cable television program on DCTV called "A Second Look" from 2001-2017 and has given public talks at the library in Duarte as well as here in Memphis, Tennessee, at the Cordova Public Library.


Learning Forgiveness, Choosing to Grow

Unity is a buzzword right now. But can it work without forgiveness? Forgiveness involves courage and stamina – a “better way” when compared to various false forms of forgiveness.

A Very Special Love Song

Valentine’s Day generates thoughts of romantic love among many and the Bible is once again ahead of its time with a Song of all Songs!

Looking Back on the Road Less Traveled

M. Scott Peck's bestselling book about inner spiritual growth – The Road Less Traveled – took North America by storm in 1979.

Some time back an American President posed the thought that in the swift rush of world events we find ourselves groping to make sense of the times in which we live.

"Are we nearing the light?" Dwight Eisenhower asked, "Or are the shadows of another night closing in on us?"

And then he added: "Science seems ready to confer upon us as its final gift, the power to erase human life from this planet."

Those words have never left me. They seem to address the timelessness of the human predicament, made all the more urgent by the thermonuclear reality that haunted (haunts) us all. Then came the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy's assassination and the overtures to the Vietnam Conflict – shocker events in what historian Michael Beschloss rightly names "The Crisis Years."

By that time I had been listening to a quasi-fundamentalist radio preacher who, I later realized, did not have the whole truth about the Bible by any means, but taught what he knew with uncommon conviction, authority and even optimism.

Those lessons too stayed with me and I proceeded, as best I could, to look for Biblical parallels to the events that seem to come flying out at us like targets in a skeet shoot.

This web site is the latest result of that half-century of investigation and commentary on world affairs. It seeks to connect the events and trends of this complex world with the best of the Biblical revelation. Over the course of nearly 500 books, articles, reviews, essays, commentaries, interviews, scripts and television shows, I have found that there is reassurance, wisdom and hope in a life lived in light of a balanced perspective on Scripture.

Hailing from a family of teachers I have natural bent to share these insights with those who may benefit from them.

Hopefully you are one of them.